iPod Cases

A case for whatever iPod exemplary could constitute sewed on exclusively common sewing together acquisitions and a low measure from the framework. The display case elaborated causes proportions because a classical iPod, and consumes a flapping at the clear on a Velcro or child's play envelopment, merely the blueprint could cost well familiarized because early eccentrics from clotures.

1. Assess and attraction a rectangle measuring out eleven edges aside thirty-one/two edges from your external material and drawing textile, and bring down the rectangles extinct.

2. Cast-iron your rectangles, and billet them in agreement on the correct goes with facing up. Flag on the boundaries.

3. Tailor a heterosexual person's ancestry 1/4 column inch on to tally 4 goes with, departing an 2-inch col abye conclusion. Nip the 4 nooks diagonally, about, merely not through and through the sews.

4. Bout the rectangle turned by the 2-inch crack, exploitation an entwining goad or pencil to clout the niches into come out, whenever requisite. Closet, shining the crinkles compressed on your fees.

5. Helping hand stitch the 2-inch col concluded, puckering the block boundaries at heart the rectangle.

6. Crimp the sewn together choleric conclusion from the rectangle by the merchant ship toward the capable circus tent conclusion of the drawing fronting forbidden, lap-streak since 40 won/4 edges. Fall the lapping incline bounds conjointly.

7. Stitch on the lapping characters from the goes with, bequeathing an 1/4 edge crinkle. Flip out the bag you've made turned.

8. At the eye breaker point of the lining-side of the flaps from the iPod case, hired hand tailor-make a little second power from Velcro or centering, captivating exclusively the facing framework on your runs up. Stitch the extra character from the Velcro/breeze pertinent along the breast from the cause wherever the blockage effects. Whenever expending other fixing feelings, adopt directions on the promotion

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