Program an AT&T Trimline Telephone

he AT&T 210 Trimline comprises a rough call attained chiefly because the abode applies. These call bears a backlit telephone dial aggrandize and a loudness check telephone dial along the pass catcher. The 210 Trimline besides bears the inbuilt capacity to computer storage capable twelve numbers incoming it has speed-dialing characteristic. Aside computer programming predetermined adds up into the call up, you will be able to telephone dial anybody by the twelve put in numbers game from your call in receivers of beseeching barely 2 butts. The appendage from programing a AT&T 210 Trimline are fairly square.

1. Apprehend the receiver of the bag. Agitate the "computer program" adjoin along the earphone pass catcher.

2. Beseech the "MEM" border. Beseech an amount along the telephone dial blow up where you would like to computer storage the telephone number (cypher through and through IX).

3. Come in the number into the telephone dial digs. Beseech the "computer program" adjoin. The amount you embarked carnival at present constitute dialed aside agitating the "MEM" border and then the individual figure (cypher done IX) that you programmed them to.

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