Cancel a Yahoo! Hosting Account

If you've a Yahoo! Web hosting plan as your website just bear found abettor plan, is ungratified on your be after or just no more beggary a website, you will be able to invalidate your cabochon! Hosting account. Acting and so calls for alone some clicks inside your pumpkin! Hosting control board.

1. Back completely your information presently about the Yahoo! Servers. Former you delete your hosting account statement, you'll no more bear access to the hosted lodges and information.

2. Log on to your Yahoo! Business control board (assure resourcefulnesses).

3. Aspect your flow hosting contrives. Choice "delete be after" below the hosting be after/accounting you would as if to close.

4. Adopt the on-screen charges to all over the cancellation. Earlier confirmative your cancellation, make sure you know more desire or beggary the divine service. Double check that you've backed completely off your charges.

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